Monday, 18 February 2013

Watch Schalke vs Chelsea Live Online

Schalke may well be trailing the opposite 3 groups in B, however they still have everything to play for as they welcome Chelsea to the podium AufSchalke with one purpose separating them from second position. For Chelsea, a triumph would secured an area within the knockout rounds if the lead to the night's different cluster fixture goes their method.

With Chelsea rediscovering their winning type underneath new coach Avram Grant, the challenge for Schalke period agone was already fraught with difficulties. Another blow came once Kevin Kuranyi was dominated out simply before the beginning with a knee injury, and with solely four minutes to travel, goalkeeper Manuel Neuer committed a grave mistake that allowed Florent Malouda to attain the opener.

Schalke second defeat in 3 games was confirmed once Didier Drogba blast a diving header into information superhighway, tho' there have been positives ANd Soren Larsen was unfortunate with a header that came backtrack an upright. currently Schalke should discover the shape that enabled them to win away to Rosenborg metal on Matchday a pair of as they appear to boost on their previous 2 UEFA Champions League cluster campaigns during which they finished in fourth and third place. you can watch Schalke vs Chelsea Live Online here.

There was a spot of thirty two years before Schalke crossed swords with land foes. It came within the 1st cluster stage of the 2001/02 UEFA Champions League after they beat Arsenal 3-1 at the podium AufSchalke. it had been the ultimate cluster fixture and it couldn't forestall Schalke finishing in fourth place whereas the Gunners went into the competition knowing that they had already qualified.Chelsea approach this returning match knowing that a 3rd ordered cluster win would assure them of an area for the fifth ordered season if Rosenborg secured a second triumph away at Valencia.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Liverpool v Man Utd preview

Sir Alex Ferguson's loose tongue caught the eye of the soccer Association in the week however it's unlikely a clap on the wrists can silence his verbal tirades ought to things not go his approach on Merseyside. you can watch Man Utd Vs Liverpool Live Stream here.

Much has been manufactured from relations between messrs Dalglish and Ferguson within the build-up to a game that would go a protracted thanks to process the title's destiny, however it'll be what transpires on the sector instead of off it which will verify North West bragging rights.

The reality is that whereas Kenny Dalglish had a twinkle in his eye in the week once remarking that port hold a superior record in Europe to a United aspect closing in on a nineteenth title that may set them excluding their Merseyside counterparts, it's with real respect that they regard one another.

Born of solid Glaswegian stock the try had their perspective to life formed within the powerful docklands of Govan, with the principles of diligence, discipline and endeavour seemingly to be rally calls in each dressing rooms return Sunday.

In the stands, though, a group action less cordial reigns supreme. whereas port retain hope of gatecrashing this season's Champions League party by snatching fourth spot, a pricey defeat at Upton Park last outing seemingly destroyed such lofty aspirations and so, those with a stew twang could accept being party poopers instead of attendees.

Gary Neville did his best Fred the Red impersonation at Stamford Bridge in period once turning the air blue within the away finish however ought to he be coming up with an analogous trip to Anfield, we propose on the grounds of safety he wears the large devil head he dons on match days at recent Trafford by approach of disguise.

It's unlikely the match officers are going to be excessively thwarted by the absence of intelligence agent Neville however Ferguson simply may be, as he appearance to assemble a watertight defence sheared of its amulet.

The most untimely of red cards shown to Nemanja Vidic in defeat to Chelsea leaves a Serbian-sized hole in United's back four. Skipper Vidic has been nothing keep of herculean this season in dragging what several, gratingly maybe, envisage to be a mediocre United aspect to the summit and his suspension is combined by Rio Ferdinand's absence through injury.

Chris Smalling has for the most part been immaculate in Ferdinand's place, excluding assent a late penalty in West London, however Wes Brown - UN agency Ferguson has aforesaid can begin on Sunday - lacks something just like the match sharpness required to perform during a game of such magnitude.

Murmurs beginning of Manchester have urged Ferguson's declaration of religion in Brown can be kidology, with Jonny Evans reportedly having came to coaching at the beginning of in the week. The inclusion of either would hardly be ideal tho', with Evans neither match match nor buoyant confidently once a shaky campaign.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

What is the best auto insurance?

Insurance is used as a medium to minimize losses, but public awareness of insurance these days is one thing that should be considered. One type of insurance in the context of this example is auto insurance. Many people who feel the problem when they will choose what insurance they will use. Competition in the insurance, make confusion for some people in choosing insurance. Plus now, almost every insurance company has auto insurance products. Therefore, it is basically just the customers who will determine what good auto insurance is or are eligible to use. Given these conditions, collect information from several sources about the insurance criteria to give you some consideration before making a decision in choosing auto insurance.
Before you decide, it is better sooner you find information about the facilities and added value will you get to cover. Additional services such as whether there is a replacement car, telephone complaints (hot line service), a tow truck, mechanic services, etc. Competition is increasingly competitive for today's insurance products could be one of the factors insurance companies to slam the price, thereby providing an insurance quote with low prelium. Meanwhile, you will not necessarily get a guarantee of service that you should get. Be careful!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Find the Information and Get the Best Company for Your Life Insurance

You really need a wait and thing for a moment before deciding the best company where you will buy life insurance. Understanding several important things related to life insurance should be taken as your first step. One of the most important things you should do is comparing companies where you will invest your money for your future. You surely do not want to pay monthly premium to the wrong hand, do you? Therefore, seeking for information as much as you can will be very helpful for you before you decide the best company.

However, finding information to compare which company will meet your needs could spend you time. For example, you visit every web site of well-known insurance companies, one by one. You read what they offer to you until finally you find your self spending your time by doing this old school way. Besides, it could be very confusing for you if you do such way because you will realize that they offer the best insurance based on their own point of views. That is why you should find another way which is considered as more efficient one. Visiting a web site, which provides you any information you need before you buy life insurance, will be the best one for you.    

Easy Cash at Online Payday Loan

You may live your life very smoothly so that you could not remember when the last time you got a problem that required a quick financial response. However, it is impossible for you to live your life without any problem. You may get some unexpected problems time so that you really need help from other people. When the problems force you to spend extra money, getting loan must be the best idea you may afford. Unfortunately, finding lenders who understand you well could be the most difficult one for you. Therefore, you absolutely need some information that supports you to find the best lender to solve your problems and give you easy payday loans.Payday loan with its recent popularity is a recommended alternative you can try to get cash fast.Besides, you are able to apply for the loan online, so it will be very accessible. It means that you will get the instant help wherever and whenever you are. Yes, online payday loan is the best idea you can get because it is very easy to access and you will get fast financial help without complicated requirements.Finally, when you face an unexpected problem and need cash to solve the problem, feel free to go online and get the cash you need.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

TV lift: Good Choice for You Plasma TV

Nowadays many people have switched to using tv lift to save them. TV lift can save plasma TV to a hiding place when not in use. Surely this can save space. With TV lift, you can save your expensive plasma TV safely and out of reach of children. TV lift adds to the aesthetic design of your room. Not uncommon for people to use the elevator TV as their interior design. People who do not like electronic display that is too large, can choose TV lift as a way out. When they feel their TV dominated the room, they can hide their TV in the ceiling or under floor.

Usually TV lift can often be included in the existing furniture, so you should really pay attention to security TV lift your furniture fit in it. Most motorized TV lift and controlled by remote for easy access and very easy to use. TV lift is an expensive item, so you have to be very careful when buying it. Surely you do not want to waste your money on cheap stuff is not? Before buying, do a little research to choose a manufacturer that provides the best bid. Information by word of mouth has more advantages. is one manufacturer that offers TV lift. They give a 3 year warranty for products. Looks like a good choice because they provide high quality for TV lift.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Don’t Be Afraid To Take a Business Loan

The era of free market makes everyone be free and out for profit. However, the effect is alarming is that the more narrow job opportunities if we do not have any expertise. Not to worry, because there are many business opportunities that can guarantee, one with the entrepreneurial path. For most people start their business is difficult and scary. Already have stressed, the thought of what would be capital, business and how its management.

Actually start your own business is not scary and difficult if you know the trick to get through it. Even if you are really working hard is not impossible that will get huge success. Before you begin, write a business plan first, Includes: financial planning, location, market share and more. Capital is still one of the biggest problems. Do not be afraid to ask a Business Loan at bank and in the company's lenders. If you are a beginner entrepreneur, looking for small business loans at banks is not necessarily that easy to be approved.  Banks are still not sure whether your business will run smoothly. How to get a small business loan? You can get it at You can even apply Unsecured Business Loans at this company. Interesting is not? When you have a smart business to get commercial loans, for that you are required to be smart in every way. Otherwise use commercial loans to pay all the obligations of business financing, including taxes, employee salaries, insurance, registration, and others. Finding Lines of Credit at is very easy. This is an option many people when they need a business line of credit.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Organize Your Finances for Your Future

If you suddenly need the funds, direct payday loan lenders might be the answer for you. This type of loan can be utilized for emergencies. For example: funding a business that suddenly, hospital charges or just to satisfy your consumer needs. When you choose the loan for consumption, you should first consider the amount of your income.
In everyday life, sometimes we buy a product or item by using banks, credit facilities, cooperatives or other institutions. One form of installment loans is loans with fixed interest. Then how do I calculate the monthly installment payments for the use of fixed-interest? Well you should know that credit with fixed or flat rate, then you will pay the debt with a fixed number of monthly installments, in which the principal and interest is paid the same every month.
You must have good financial planning early.
Managing your finances well is the beginning of the achievement of financial objectives in the future. In addition to managing your expenses each month for the mortgage loan, you also must be arranging asset you have. Here could be an asset, property, savings, or investment products owned. In managing the assets, it needs a good strategy so that assets can be developed or have the potential for optimal returns.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Make Sure When Join With Car Insurance

Car insurance is often an expensive item in the budget of everyone. While you expect to drop your rate as you get older cars, you often find that instead of dropping they continue to rise even higher. There is some good news, especially for those who pay their car insurance in monthly installments. Do a comparison of car insurance online at to find insurance quotes with a better price. You'll save as much as 20 percent when you get a competitive quote. Find information into one or two bids from several different companies.
When you give advanced notice that your insurance company to drop their policies, make sure you coordinate your drop date to the date started on your new policy. Check to see how many days notice. If necessary, include your name, address and your policy in the letter. Look for an insurance company that provides convenience for customers. If you have an insurance premium and you want to terminate your car insurance, it can be done easily. Simply call the company toll-free number and ask if you need a special form. When you write a letter of cancellation, make sure you note that you do not make payments anymore. And make sure the insurance bill is completely out of your credit card bills.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Payday Loans : The Easy Way To Get a Capital

You need to borrow money for the capital of business raise. Borrow a friend or relative is not possible because they do not have the deposit money to be lent. But, your business should really be executed and can’t wait any longer. Want to apply for a loan at the bank, too many terms are needed and your file is less complete and of course, you have to wait for days to await a decision that ultimately is not necessarily approved. If you have a situation like this, there is one way out. That is payday loans. Payday loans have many advantages. One of them is an easy way to get it. With the advances of technology, you can get it with the online system. Before choosing a company that is really reliable, you should do research online on some companies that offer payday loans. You can browse to find some reliable companies for comparison. After doing research online, you can choose a site that truly fits your needs.

Terms proposed for a type of loan is also not too much. The company usually only require proof of your income, proof of bank account for 3-6 months, and the type of job you are doing. This is a great advantage of payday loans. These loans can be given to anyone. That's why many people who are interested to look for it. Payday loans are the best choice in emergencies and unexpected bills such as hospital costs. Another advantage is obtained, free of hassle when making payment. You can pay by transferring or allowing them to take several installments from your account on a particular day. If at the time specified, you can’t make payment, you can extend the payment time, of course you have to pay some of the same administration as the first time when you borrowed. You should be able to find the right option for your situation and your need.

Disbursement of trade receivables is one of the sources of internal funds to support the company's day to day activities. Therefore, receivables typically have maturities so that employers can anticipate the next business financing. However, it often happens that the maturity schedule is not met due to delays in payment by the customer. As a result, employers must find alternative sources of financing to support business activities earlier planned to be financed with funds from the disbursement accounts. The one of alternative funding sources is payday loans. If the capital is the way out to progress your business, you can take some loans. But if it turns out there should be improvement of management in managing it, regardless of loan capital will be less useful and even add to the burden that must be repaid.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Working Backwards - A More Efficient Way of Production

With the fast pace of business these days, it seems like there is never any breathing room when it comes to meeting deliveries. This is especially true in the folding carton and printing industries where sensitive deadlines are crucial. Miss a delivery of cartons and a production line could go down. Miss a mailing deadline and special offer notices may not be received until after the offer expires. Any instance like these can be costly and could be responsible for losing a customer. This is why working backwards can be a huge asset. It can help speed up the production process as well as minimize mistakes.


Printing proofs are commonly sent out to the customer for approval. These proofs are made to show copy and design so that the customer can sign off on any particular piece. The construction of a piece is suggested by the proof but the details of it often get overlooked and can cause production problems down the road. This is why having a working sample made from the same stock the job will be produced from is so important. By creating the sample, allowances and modifications can be made to insure the production process will go smoothly all the way to the end of the project. It will also insure that the printing will be correct. For example, if a carton has color breaks on the scores and a score needs to be moved so that the piece will fold correctly, a premade sample will reveal this issue. Without the sample, the printing may be off when the job is produced leaving the color to wrap around the score and showing up on the wrong panel.

Supplied Layouts

If the job is to be die cut, why not have the die maker supply an electronic file based off of the sample? By using this file to create the printing plates, mistakes can be minimized. Changes for allowances will be easy to see as artwork is dropped in for the printing. Layout and adjustments can then be made easily and without question. This practice can also eliminate confusion. Without a die line e-file for reference, incorrect interpretations can be made creating problems that won't show up until the die cutting or gluing processes.

Another benefit to using a supplied die file is that the die can be created before the job is done printing. Often the time necessary to make a die for a project is overlooked. Even though production time needed to produce a job may only be a few days, waiting to make a die from a printed sheet will definitely increase the lead time and could create overtime situations or missed deliveries.


One thing that is most commonly missed is the requirements for gluing. Glue does not stick to ink or many coatings. While glue will stick to some coatings, like aqueous, there are times when the coating should be completely removed from the glued areas. These are situations that should be discussed with the finisher that will be handling the gluing process. If an electronic die line is being provided, have the person creating the die line incorporate the knock out areas into the file. This is the best way to communicate exactly what areas need to be clear.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Why Waste Money On Toll Free Numbers?

I am a Judgment Broker that writes a lot. This article is my opinion about why toll-free phone numbers are much less important than they used to be, and why a business might consider switching to a regular phone number to save money and time.

Long ago, in the days of monopoly pricing for long-distance calls, a Toll-Free (TF) number was almost mandatory for a business with nationwide customers. Now, long distance calls are either cheap or free, especially when bundled into the price of phone products or service plans.

The obvious reason to have a toll-free number is to save money for callers. One advertised benefit is the (alleged) "increased credibility" that a toll-free number provides. I think this is no longer true, because almost everyone knows that it is now easy and cheap to get a TF number.

There are a few advantages for the owner of a TF number. Toll-free numbers allow an entity to capture names and addresses from calls.

Getting the name and address of callers who do not buy your product is of questionable value. One should gear their business toward people who buy, not to tire kickers.

Toll-free numbers also defeat most attempts to hide phone numbers, so concealed numbers usually are recorded on toll-free phone lines.

In addition to extra costs, there is another disadvantage in providing a toll-free number. When people do not pay anything, they may be somewhat more likely to not respect services as much.

On their web sites, some businesses hide their phone number, partially because of phone leeches.

One example of a phone leech problem, would be if one has a business selling a video tape-to-DVD transfer service. The web site clearly explains the simple business: Send us a tape and $20, and you will mail the customer a DVD of the video on the tape.

Even though your web site has a good FAQ, and has simple and clear instructions, some people will call, and ask for your phone number, what is your web site name, how long does it take to ship?, etc.

Some people like to read as little as possible. Asking you for your phone number, the same number they just called you on, is very silly; however, that does not take up too much time.

A telephone leech often goes off on long detours that have nothing to do with your product or service.

A phone leech might share part of their life story, for example, "I have two wonderful kids, and they are getting out of school in a week for summer vacation. I am going to aunt Sally's party the week after that, and I will bring them, and I am going to bring my video camera and two extra batteries so I won't run out, and will bring some orange juice too, and..."

You can train your staff to quickly get wayward callers back on track, however, as long as you have a phone, some people will waste your time.

Having a toll-free number seems to attract phone leeches. Moving to a regular number will not stop silly and wasteful calls, however it will save you time and cut your costs.

In our business, we tested a move from a toll-free number, to a regular number. The move did not slow down our business in any way, and we saved money, and get less phone leech callers now.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Don't Let Email Keep You From Getting Important Things Done

Let's face it, most of business owners spend a lot of time on email. In fact many people I talk to say they have "too much" email and that it hurts their productivity. The strain of email has become a big burden for many business owners. Sometimes email comes in so fast that by the time you even get to what was the bottom it's not the bottom any more. In this article, I'm proposing something radical for dealing with email. In fact, you might think it's not even possible or that I've gone haywire!

Here it is, one of my key tools for handling my email effectively.

Check and clear your email inbox once a day.

Yes, that's it, just once a day. Unless your business is emergency services or is related to birth or death or you make money be responding quickly to situations (like a day trader or board up service for damaged buildings) then you most likely don't need to check your email more than once a day. I do use the email feature of my smart phone to take a couple of quick glances while standing in line or riding the stationary bike and if it's a client I'll respond right away. Barring that, I do one bulk processing of my email in the morning and don't touch it the rest of the day. In fact, I even shut it down so I can't see that oh-so-demanding little number count of unread emails that just begs for a peek.

My point in this article is not to say that this exact system will work for you, but to throw away the preconceived notions that you have about needing to always be available via email and figure out what works for you and how much you can stop doing. Constantly checking and responding to email is a huge time suck and will keep you from doing other work that supports your big vision. We often get the message that we need to respond quickly to emails in order to be successful in business and it seems to be the truth, so we don't ever think about what is right for us. I'm writing about this topic to give you encouragement to think outside of what you've been told. If I can get away from constant email, maybe you can too.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Some of the Biggest Productivity Problems and How to Overcome Them All!

Sometimes we may feel that we are not being as productive as we can but we are just not sure why. There may be some factors that you aren't taking in consideration that could be affecting how productive you feel. The way things are structured, set up in our lives and our lifestyle directly affect how much energy we have, how focused we can be, how organized and in turn Productive we are.

1. Distractions and Interruptions.
If you have a lot of distractions at work, people interrupting you, the phone ringing, colleagues speaking to you - this completely undermines the task at hand. You need to eliminate all distractions when you are performing the task. What happens most of the time is that we easily lose concentration and start doing the next thing that catches our eye, leaving the task undone and still on our list of things to do but with less time.

Get into the habit of clearing your space of all distractions before you know you have an important task to complete, so that you are able to give 100% attention to the task, the quantity and quality of your output will double!

2. Disorganized
Is your office or work space a mess? Can you find documents easily and readily? Do you have a system in place? To optimize your work area, it must work for you. There should be a system where everything flows, work comes in, it is organized accordingly, then work continues, etc.

If you spend too much time allocating files and sorting out papers for example, you need to create a system that works for you. Take one day to think about and implement a system that is effective for you. Get your filing up to date, clear out your inbox, create a daily action plan, plan, prioritize, etc - you will start to notice how much extra time you suddenly have!

3. Staying motivated!
It´s normal to not want to do something that doesn't motivate us but it´s also important to be able to motivate ourselves when needed. How can we motivate ourselves to complete the task at hand? Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of the end goal and what we will be accomplishing.

We must also ensure our goals are aligned with our values, this makes it us so much more motivated to achieve them, because it is important to us. Sometimes, we simply need to find motivation when there is none. Imagine an outcome that would make you satisfied and happy with, after you have performed this task and then challenge yourself to achieve that exact outcome!

4. Time-management skills
If your time-management skills are not so good, this will directly limit how productive you can be. Perhaps you are constantly find yourself doing things at the last minute and just never have enough time to do everything. Maybe this is because of your time-allocation skills, which are way too unrealistic and you cannot get everything done in one day. Maybe you didn't plan properly for your tasks and suddenly there are a million things to do that you never thought of. Spending time improving your time-management skills and learning tools and techniques to manage your time, is essential in being productive.

5. Procrastination
This is something we all experience at some time, others more often than they would like to. If we procrastinate with a certain task, it's a good idea to try work out why.
We may also procrastinate if we are unclear about why we are doing something, the purpose of it and then if we are not sure how we will do it, we may procrastinate with getting it started.

If the task doesn't motivate us, we might procrastinate with it as well as we would rather be doing something else. It could also be that when we are told to do something, we rebel at being told, thus we just don't want to do it. The main idea is not to just write your inactivity off to procrastination but to identify why you are procrastinating, to change the limiting behavior and to get better results.

6. Relaxation and Health
If you are not feeling well, I'm sure you not feeling so productive either. Your health is something you don´t notice until it is in danger. Eating healthily, drinking lots of water and doing exercise seems so obvious, but why do so few people actually do it then? As humans, we love instant gratification and immediate results! Doing something because we know it's a good thing to do, but by us not doing it now doesn't affect us, it not enough to motivate us. Unfortunately it's only when we don't have our health and it could be too late, that is when we decide to make it a top priority in our lives. Remember to take time out to relax, an over worked, exhausted and stressed body will not help you to feel well and productive.

Friday, 12 August 2011

How To Exercise And Develop Your "Focus Muscles" To Get The Job Done?

The ability to focus is one of the most important forces you have in order to get a certain job done.

If you cannot focus, and get sidetracked all the time, nothing gets done and you know it.

Your focus can grow with use. That's why if we multitask we lose the ability to focus on certain activities.

The same principle applies if we allow ourselves to get distracted or interrupted all the time; the brain simply shuts down.

Your productivity is directly related to the ability to focus on tasks over longer period of time.

However, often we can't focus for more than 90 minutes; eventually, we'll get overwhelmed and tired.

In other words, our ability to focus does not only weaken with lack of use, but also has limits when it is used.

The maximum length of our attention span is usually 90 minutes.

If your "focus muscles" are not trained, meaning, you are not getting used to focus for a long period of time, at best you are going to perform within the range of 30-60 minutes.

The brain is designed in a way where it cannot sustain the attention threshold for that long, and the ability to focus drops with use, because our attention requires energy.

The more we use our focus, the more energy is consumed.

That's why breaks and renewal are critical in order to "recharge" our focus muscles and use them again in the future.

It is the same principle with fitness. When you exercise, you get tired. You can't exercise for hours and day without breaks.

However, as you push yourself beyond your limits, your muscles are going to grow with use, and when that happens the attention span is going to increase, but in general 90 minutes is the maximum a person can do.

If you try to stay focused for more than 90 minutes, you'll burn a lot of fuel from your reserves of energy, which can lead to a productive energy crisis along the way.

How to develop deep and clean focus?

So here's how to develop deep and clean focus so that you can get a significant amount of work in a shorter period of time:

1. Focus on one thing at a time until it is complete.

Now, since our attention span is very limited, we might not finish or complete a task within those 90 minutes, especially if it is a big one.

In this case, after 90 minutes, or whatever you attention span happens to be. You may want to stop working on that task for a while (even if it is not completed yet), and then take a break.

When you take a break, you are re-setting and recharging your attention span, thus you can get back to that task you were focusing on previously, and finish it off.

It is very important not to do any other activities after the break, but to work only on that task until it is complete.

You always have to train yourself to complete a single task at a time. If you get engaged in it, after the break come back right away to it.


That's because if the task is not complete, it is meaningless, it is not going to give you any value, and the time involved previously working on that task is going to be wasted.

If we jump from one task to another, without completing any of them, we are getting nothing done.

So here's what I want you to do:

Some people obviously have a lesser attention span than others.

You want to measure your attention span, and set a task that needs to be done into a particular "focus zone."

By "focus zone," I mean the entire block of time that it takes to focus on a single task at a time without distractions.

The "focus zone" is where you are 100% engaged, and this particular zone is where you do the most of the work. Everything else that's beyond the "focus zone," is either a distraction or procrastination.

Now, in order to measure your attention span.

Get a timer and try to work on a single task and see when you are going to get NATURALLY distracted. I am not talking about external distractions, but internal ones.

If you feel like you can do more than 90 minutes, do not even try, because you are going to be burning your energy reserves pretty quickly.

If your attention span happens to be 15 minutes, every time you work, set the timer to beep after those 15 minutes, and immediately take a break after that, completely disconnect from your work.

If you find the timer distracting, because you were focused and engaged into that activity, simply increase the time frame from 15 minutes to 20 next time, or maybe 25 minutes, but no more than 90 minutes.

When you think it terms of "focus zones," it is going to help you establish them and work on productive blocks of time.

When you work uninterruptedly over a long period of time, you are going to get A LOT MORE done, than if you are just stopping and starting certain tasks and activities all day long.

Most people go and start checking emails, haven't finished reading the email, and they browse through social media, because they got reminded of something, then come back to the email and finish reading it partially, then they get hungry, go to the kitchen, make a sandwich and come back finishing off the email.

This is what you do not want to do. Read the entire email, see what's all about, or what value you can take from it and go to the next thing.

Take a break if necessary, but never do tasks or activities simultaneously, because this is going to damage your thinking, and you'll be running in circles - I guarantee.

2. Wear blinders

If you have been to a horse race, you'll notice that all horses are wearing blinders to keep them focused on the road, without getting distracted by other horses.

Well, you may want to apply this principle when it comes to focusing on a single task at a time.

You need to use "blinders" that will keep you focused until your attention span is exhausted or until the task is completed.

Well, you cannot really wear those things around your head, and I am not trying to compare you to a horse, as some people might get a little concerned and find this comparison offensive, but simply I want you to position the blinders as a mind tool.

You can use it at will; if by chance you get distracted; ask yourself if that distraction is going to have the best use of your time. If not, completely ignore it, as it never existed, or simply do not put any energy to it.

If the distraction is persisting, you do not want to even pay attention to it, and simply you'll begin to adapt to the "noise" this distraction is causing, thus eliminating its effect on your nervous system.

When we are exposed to something like a noise or music, if we accept it as given, not resisting it or pushing it away, you are eventually going to adapt it as part of the environment around you.

In psychology, this is called, "sensory adaptation." You simply adapt to the distractions around you, and they stop bothering you as go along.

Guess what?

This sensory adaptation is the analogy of those blinders so that when the distractions come, trying to steal your attention span, you are simply not allowing it to do so.

3. Avoid shiny objects

Shiny objects in the marketplace today - like the next magic bullet or the next new formula that SELLS is not going to get you anywhere.

Simply, because as you focus on the shiny thing, you are distracted by it, and all your current work or project is completely neglected.

So when you work on a single task at a time, you want to make sure that this task is consistent with your current project, and you want to make sure that task serves your potential outcome you are expecting to get out of your project.

If not, you better stop, and divert yourself from all shiny objects in the marketplace, because they are going to steal your attention, and you'll get nothing done.